Featured News / August 3rd, 2017

Perrin puts pen to paper to sign with the Bullets

The Brisbane Bullets 2017/2018 roster is complete with the new signing of import Perrin Buford, today.

The 6’6” small forward from Decatur, Alabama will join the Bullets once arriving in Brisbane later in the year.

The departure of Bullets swingman Torrey Craig who signed a two-way contract with NBA’s Denver Nuggets opened the door for Buford to make his way down under.

Brisbane Bullets Head coach Andrej Lemanis said: “We took the opportunity to really analyse our team to determine what asserts we needed in whatever player we brought in. Through a lot of contacts and a lot of hard work we landed on Perrin Buford and I am glad to say he’s joining the family”

Perrin has certainly impressed during the search “The first thing that standouts when you watch Perrin play is that he is a hard worker, he’s certainly puts in the effort both ends of the floor.”

“He plays defence, he rebounds, he runs the ball hard. The thing I liked about him particularly when talking to him is that he understands what it takes to win in terms of you need to play as part of the team which is what we are about here at the Bullets” explained Coach Lemanis.

“Everyone contributing their piece of the puzzle and sacrificing for the good of the group and he certainly fits that mentality”

Coach Lemanis describes the 23-year-old as a Mika Vukona-esk player, which coming from the New Zealand Breakers is a player which “I have had a lot to do with and certainly everyone appreciates the way Mika plays and I think certainly that effort is what he brings to the table and I’m looking forward to Buford playing that way for us.

The Brisbane Bullets season kicks off on October 20th at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre with tickets going on sale via Ticketek shortly.