Player Profile

Tom Jervis



Tom has recorded more blocked shots than any other NBL player during the last three seasons.

Whilst he started his pro career late, winning the Rookie of the Year award in 2014; his championship experience in winning two rings with the Wildcats will prove invaluable to the Bullets.

With a career field goal percentage of 52.5, Jervis is a handy finisher around the basket, whilst providing the best rim protection in the league at the defensive end.

Coach Lemanis says:

“I have observed Tom’s outstanding growth and development since coming into the NBL as a mature age rookie with great interest. He is a significant signing for us and brings a quality skill set to the Bullets.”

“My experience with Tom at Boomers level gave me insight into his fine attributes as a person and that is important to us as a club. He will fit exceptionally well into both our offense and the defensive structures we’ll run.”

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