Featured News / August 2nd, 2017

Spotted: Brock Motum trains with the Brisbane Bullets

The Brisbane Bullets welcomed a guest star at training this week, with local Brisbane boy and Boomer, Brock Motum joining the group at practice.

Motum who is part of the Boomers squad and who also played alongside Cameron Bairstow in the Rio Olympics, joined the Bullets on the opening day of training.

We caught up with the power forward to get the low down on his time in the EuroLeague and how it compares to being home.

In potentially exciting news for fans, the Brisbane Bullets line-up might be stacked with international superstars in future years.

Following Dellavedova’s recent expression of interest in finishing his career down under, the big Boomer Brock Motum hinted something similar.

Q: What brings you back to Brisbane

“I grew up in Brisbane, and am currently in-between my seasons in Europe. So I come home, stay in shape and train with some high level guys at the Bullets.”

Q: What was it like training with the Boomers squad?

“It’s a high quality group of guys, and as a unit I think it will be very strong, having a group of guys with a common goal of success at the World Cup and then onto the Olympics.”

Q: What do you think of the Brisbane team heading into the 2017/2018 season?

“Last year the Bullets were pretty unlucky, and I think once everyone is back and into training, the Bullets will be a team to watch this season.”

Q: Do you think we will see you return to the league?

“At some stage in my career I would love to come back home and play. My goal is to keep progressing, doing the best that I can but at some stage I would love to play for my home town.”

Q: What do you love most about being home?

“I love being surrounded by my friends and family and to also be able to come and train with a group of guys, some who I grew up with.”