Press Conference

Wednesday,  January 26

Duncan & Salt press conference (Round 8, 2022)

James Duncan and Jack Salt chat to the media after the match against Melbourne United.

Sunday,  January 23

Duncan & Cadee press conference (Round 8, Game 2)

James Duncan and Jason Cadee chat to the media.

Friday,  January 21

Duncan & Franks press conference v Sydney (Round 8, Game 1)

James Duncan and Robert Franks chat to the media after a big comeback win.

Tuesday,  January 18

Lamar Patterson updates the media

Lamar Patterson speaks to the media

Saturday,  January 15

Duncan & Cadee press conference (Round 7)

Coach James Duncan and guard Jason Cadee chat to the media after the win.

Monday,  January 10

Duncan & Drmic press conference (Round 6)

James Duncan and Anthony Drmic chat to the media

Tuesday,  January 4

Cadee & Duncan update (January 4, 2022)

Guard Jason Cadee and coach James Duncan provide an update ahead of the game against New Zealand.

Tuesday,  December 21

Sobey & Duncan training update

The star guard and coach look ahead to the game against Cairns.

Sunday,  December 19

Duncan & Wigness press conference (Round 3)

James Dunca and Tamuri Wigness chat to the media after a big win.

Friday,  December 17

Duncan & Franks press conference (Round 3)

Coach James Duncan and star player Robert Franks chat to the media.

Sunday,  December 12

Duncan & Patterson press conference (Round 2)

James Duncan and Lamar Patterson chat to the media after a big win.

Thursday,  December 2

Press Conference vs Tasmania Jack Jumpers


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